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For James

The Beginning

In May of 2010, my son James died from an accidental drug overdose. He was 24 years of age,

Four months later, his friend Caitlin also died from an accidental drug overdose. She was just 21 years of age.

The drug was "OxyContin"

James & Caitlin - Christmas 2008


do you knOw?

My Journey

I am a member of the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH) OpiATE project Advisory group and the Halton "do you knOw" campaign committee.

I have also prepared a presentation called “A Father’s Story” Prescription Drug Misuse & Addiction. This  story is not a happy one but it does discuss in great depth the many things that most of us are unaware of about prescription drug misuse. The issues I talk about are of concern not only to students but to parents and grandparents as well. As we age, many of us will be prescribed “Pain Killers” after surgery, or to ease chronic pain and there are issues with Opioids that you should be aware of.

"A Father's Story" is a work of Love. There is no love stronger than the love of a parent for their child, a Father for his Son. To have this love torn from your life is a horrific event that no parent should have to go through. Hopefully, James' story may help stop this from happening to other parents.

This PowerPoint Presentation has music and a spoken presentation. Your computer will require speakers. If the PowerPoint presentation does not work on your computer, please download the movie.

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